Editing and Compiling Video

Please Note – I could not complete this properly, as the ‘transitions’ feature in ‘open shot’ has a bug that I did not know about before making my video.  I searched extensively for help with this, and as a last resort, ask my techie hubby who can fix anything.  And no.  He couldn’t fix it.  So, everything is complete except the transitions.

This was exasperating.

I used my school-issue iPad to film the four short videos. That went well.

The green screen situation using Green Screen by Do Ink, started off well, but when I messed with the resolution, the whole thing froze.  It was a mess.  I had to remove the app and reinstall and do it all over again.

I used “Open Shot” for the video editing.  Everything was working so well, until I went to do the transitions at the end.  They kept cutting in and out.  I tried every tip I found online.  I even enlisted my husband’s help.  To no avail.  I can put the transitions in, but at random times, it will just go black and then the shot will show up again for a second and disappear.  It’s weird.  So, in the end, it was best to not use the transitions at all.

Another issue with “Open Shot” was the sound volume.  On my audio snippits for the titles, it was nice and clear and loud, but my ipad short 4 videos were very quiet.  So I upped the volume of those 4 short videos and put the volume of the audio portions for the titles down at 30%.  No matter what I did, the volumes wouldn’t match, so you need to turn it up during the scenes.

Here it is!